How to Delete Chat Conversation on Facebook

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Facebook is the number one social networking sites on the web nowadays, from grade school students, some babies have their own profile to senior citizen, all are using Facebook. It is very popular to all because it’s almost complete with video and photo sharing where you can share your memorable pictures and videos to your love ones.

While sharing you can also talk to them via video call or chat, another reason why Facebook is so popular is because of their phone application where you can update your status anytime, anywhere, it is very comfortable to use Facebook as a modern communication tool today.

But, did you know that all the conversation in the Facebook chat box or Facebook messenger is stored in the messages until you delete it? In this post I will show you the simple steps how you can easily delete all the conversation in your inbox, chatbox or in the messenger.

To delete the message in your chatbox or inbox. Follow the steps below.

  1. Open or login to your Facebook account
  2. To delete the message in the chatbox, click the “gear” or actions icon and select “Delete Conversation” on the dropdown.How to delete facebook conversation
  3. Click Delete Conversation on the pop up window to confirm.delete facebook messages
  4. To Delete the conversation in your inbox, click on the mail icon, then click “See All” to view all the messages in your Inbox.How to delete Facebook Messages
  5. Select the message that you want to delete to open, then click the “Gear” or Actions icon then select “Delete conversation” on the dropdown.Delete Facebook conversation
  6. Click “Delete Conversation” on the popup window to confirm.Confirm Facebook conversation delete

Delete chat conversation on Facebook Messenger

Please note that I am using an Android phone for taking screenshots in this tutorial, if  your using iOS, it may look different.

  1. Open Facebook messenger app, then select the message that you want to delete, on the messenger, tap on the info icon at the top-right of the screen.How to delete Facebook messenger conversation
  2. On the next screen, tap on the three vertical dot or the menu icon to reveal the menu where you can select “Delete Conversation” then confirm the actions by selecting “Delete Conversation” on the pop up screen.How to delete conversation in Facebook Messenger

NOTE: Deleting the conversation with your friends will not delete on his/her message box, to delete your conversation totally, your friends must do the same steps.

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