A Comprehensive Guide: How to get your Digital National ID


As majority of the transactions go online, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), in collaborative effort with the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) previously introduced the Digital National ID, a smart and convenient move to revolutionize the way we conduct things in the government.

The Digital National ID comes along with authentication platforms such as National ID eVerify and National ID Check where more than 87 million Filipinos who have registered to the National ID are now able to access their Digital National ID online and get verified through these stronger authentication platforms.

The Digital National ID is simply the official digital version of the National ID. Those who want to obtain their Digital National ID may easily access it through their computers or smartphones as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

Similar to other formats such as the National ID and printed ePhilID, the Digital National ID serves as a valid proof of identification and age which can be used in any government or private transactions.

DICT reiterated that the Digital National ID is a modern identification system that will “streamline transactions, improve service delivery, and ultimately make doing business easier for everyone.”

Below, we have provided a comprehensive step-by-step procedure to guide everyone who are registered to the National ID system in accessing and viewing their Digital National ID.

Step 1:

Access https://national-id.gov.ph/ to start getting a digital copy of your National ID. From there, you will be asked to provide your first, middle, and last name, date of birth as well as your suffix. Click Continue once done and if you agree with the terms and conditions indicated.

Digital National ID Step 1

Step 2:

To prove that you are a real person, you will undergo a face verification process. Do’s and Don’ts instructions will be indicated on your screen, ensure to read them carefully. Once ready, proceed by clicking Start Liveness.

DIgital National ID Step 2

Step 3:

Note that the face verification process might take you some time due to hypersensitivity, make sure that you follow all the instructions indicated. Once successfully done in the second process, a Congratulations message will pop on your screen. Proceed by tapping View National ID.

DIgital National ID Step 3

Step 4:

If the information you provided and your selfie photo both match your records in the PhilSys database, you will be granted access to your Digital National ID.

Congratulations! You now have a copy of your Digital National ID! You can capture a screenshot of it or save it to your device. You may also tap your Digital National ID to view the back portion.

That’s it! It doesn’t have take more than a few minutes. While waiting for the time to get a physical copy of your ID card, you may take advantage of your Digital National ID.

After all, it is still considered a valid ID, allowing you to transact with government agencies as well as private institutions.

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