Seven Incredibly Useful Computer Programs You Need To Have On Hand


In a person’s life, it is most often that one uses a computer for his own purposes; for entertainment, for communication, even for school, for job, or even for business. Our computers help us a lot in attaining our goals, in doing our jobs easier, better, and much more efficient.

Although we know that computers can benefit us in the best way possible, we still are not aware of the programs that can ultimately help us. Here are seven credible and useful computer programs you should have ready for the benefit of both the computer and all of its users.


Imagine having a notepad, a clearly concrete notepad but digital. Almost everyone needs this whether you are a student, an employee, a businessman, even a person who just manages the house can greatly benefit from having this program.

Notepad++ is, in my opinion, the best notepad out there. It has multiple tabs, color-coded text, and WYSIWYG printing makes it very useful for everyone for just typing in everything that needs to be typed.

Process Explorer

We all know what our Windows Task Manager does; yes it does show us information like what programs are running and what programs eat up most of the activity. But if for example you want to know what programs are using one of your other programs or devices, Process Explorer is the one you need.

It is actually an alternative of the Task Manager all of us are aware of, except that, it bears more information, more feasibility, and more tenability. If you are looking for things and processes that you think the Task Manager lacks, I am pretty sure that the Process Explorer is the one to help you with that.


Everyone most likely comes to the point where they want to copy their files into a different drive or a different system. Doing copy paste is fine but does it really get what you want? You might miss one and it’s already automatically gone.

Teracopy will make your life and your responsibility so much easier because of its fast and reliable processes. It will make you think twice about doing the “Select all > copy” habit you are used to doing.


Admit it, not everyone is a fan of music. But listening to music while doing what you have to do doesn’t really hurt, right? Spotify is one of the apps that were released in smartphones and is no currently available in PC.

Spotify is a program where it lets you know more about the music that is in. It is a program that divides different genres, different moods of music to best suit the atmosphere and the ambiance that you want for your ears.


At one point in everybody’s lives, everyone will come to that point where you will feel that your computer is shouting that it lacks memory. Yes, that is hard to admit but that is most certainly true. Our memories, our spaces are not infinite; there will come a time where you have to delete certain files in order to make way for new ones. If you are unsure of what causes this, then WinDirStat is the one you need.

WinDirStat will tell you everything you need to know about the space in your computer. It will scan all of your disks and will show you the biggest files, folders, and more. It is useful not only on that time; of course you can be one step ahead to avoid getting to that moment.

MalwareBytes, VirusTotal Uploader, and AdwCleaner

Yes, we all know that antivirus can help us avoid dangerous and malicious content but it does not capture all bad content, all the time. MalwareBytes is a great program which helps you with that. It works only when you activate it unlike the annoying antivirus programs that pop-up all the time.

If you’ve downloaded something peculiar and fishy, VirusTotal Uploader can help you determine if that is a sick file or not. It lets you scan the file with over 50 antiviruses. AdwCleaner is a must for everybody because we certainly could not avoid accidentally downloading annoying and unwanted toolbars. It is great if you are not able to uninstall or to delete something that you want gone.


Ever imagine having a social network in your business or in your office? Look no more because Podio is here to make your wants and dreams come to life.

Podio is like a social network but for offices and businesses where you can share, chat, and be entertained by your friends and workmates. The program is free for up to five users deducting the management options so if you plan on having a corporal social network, Podio is the one for you.

Here are only a few of the programs that you need in hand in case of emergency. These programs can fundamentally assist you in what you are doing whether you are studying, working on a project, or doing business. So what are you waiting for? Have these programs installed in your computer and be one step ahead. Stay tuned for more programs that will come out this 2016.

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