Top 5 Best App to Get Free Number, Calls and Text


Basically, a person wants to get a USA number for outgoing calls/text messages or incoming calls/text messages. We heard about free cell phone plans but in this technology era, free phone numbers are also available. Are you looking for a Free USA mobile number from outside of America? You are in the right place. Aim to get a Free USA number without charge. Isn’t it great? Let’s dive into deep info.

List of 5 Best App to Get Free USA Number

1. TextPlus App

TextPlus is an app that provides all country free Phone numbers. I’ve heard most of the users use this app. This is handy, tiny in size, and working great. To get started, follow the steps.

Step 1: Download TextPlus App. Users will get it on the Apple store and Play store. That means Apple-Android users can use this cool app.

Step 2: Open TextPlus then enter an email address to sign up.

Step 3: A prompt will say to import contacts. This option is skippable.

Step 4: Go to the “Settings” option. In below, you will see an option “Get A Free TextPlus Number’. Tap on it. It will generate a US mobile number automatically.

All set. Now you can use any US mobile number for making or receiving calls/text messages. The purpose may be number verification, Bank-card verification, Google Voice, Gmail, etc. TextPlus has added new features named “Call Back Text”. Using this feature you can send a free call-back text message to anyone even without charge. This message will look like “Hey, it’s Ryan, give me a call back at this number +1****”. This is a cool feature that every TextPlus user can use.

2. GoHeyWire App

Another best free phone number app on our list. The GoHeyWire app has plenty of real US numbers. You can use any number for texting. Your partner doesn’t need GoHeyWire to receive messages. A normal phone user can directly receive your message. Some exciting features that surprise me are already.

  • Free Text to all Canadian and US Mobile phones
  • You can send an instant voice message
  • Also works in slow internet connection
  • TweetNow: First global free text-to-twitter service.
  • Voice Tweets: Instant Twitter Voice Message sharing feature.
  • Auto-reply feature to use when you are busy

3. Talkatone

Most people use Talkatone to text and call their friends-family. No need to use carrier cell minutes. Talkatone provides free phone numbers. It will automatically choose a free US phone number. By using the Talkatone app, every signed-up user can get a free US virtual phone number easily. Just sign up for the app with an email address then use it. Once account creation is finished, start making and receiving calls to most US numbers even on landlines. Talkatone is also used for exchanging text messages with friends and family. This is the best option to get a free phone number to call, text, and verify any online activities. Talkatone is available on the Apple store and Play store bearing almost 4.5 ratings.

4. Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers

This app’s name clearly describes its purpose. Hushed app provides anonymous virtual phone numbers that anyone can use anonymously. To verify online accounts without a personal number, Hushed app is a good choice. As the name suggests, this app keeps your privacy safe. It doesn’t sell your information. So, the Hushed Anonymous Phone Numbers app is another recommendation if you want to get a free phone number.

5. Numero eSIM

Well, Numero eSIM is an app that provides a virtual phone number as a second phone number. Without an extra SIM card, you can get any numbers that come from 80 countries and 3000 cities around the world. Unfortunately, this app is built only for Android Devices. Just install it from the play store. Surprisingly, Numero app works also with Telegram, Signal, Whatsapp, and so on. Besides virtual numbers, Numero provides cheap calls and SMS with local rates. You can receive free internal calls from anywhere with Numero eSIM. Simply, a cool app to use

Final Words

Hopefully, you’ve got the actual information about getting a US-based number for personal or business purposes. Though some apps require you to purchase some credits to use extra numbers. But with a free number, you can complete your task. For further work, you can simply choose specific credits and use plenty of US numbers

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