How to Add Trusted Contacts on your Facebook Account

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Making our Facebook account secured should be our first priority when setting it up. With number of tips that I already shared with you, if you implemented or use it properly, I think you have a secure account right now.

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All of the tips, however, focus on the protection from unauthorized users wanted to access your account. How about if you forgot all of your login credentials and you can’t access your account?

As a precaution you can take this simple steps that I will share with you how can easily access your Facebook account if everything went wrong.

Using Trusted Contacts features found in Facebook security settings, you can easily add 3-5 friends name to help you recover when you have trouble accessing your account.

Add Trusted Contacts on your Facebook Account

To add a trusted contact on your Facebook account follow this simple steps.

  1. Go to your Facebook security settings ( and select “Trusted Contacts” section, then click on “Choose trusted contacts” to add trusted contacts on Facebook step 1
  2. A small pop up window, explaining what are trusted contacts will appear, click “Choose Trusted Contacts” to select from your to add trusted contacts step 2
  3. Enter the name of your friends that you want to add as trusted contacts, you can select from 3-5 contact then click “Confirm”. how to add trusted contacts on Facebook step 3Your friends will receive a notification like the screenshot below, once you added them to your trusted contact.trusted contacts notification
  4. To confirm the changes in your settings, enter your Facebook password, then hit submit.How to add trusted contacts on Facebook step 4
  5. Your trusted contacts are now added to your account, you can change or remove it to add trusted contacts on Facebook step 5

Now that you setup trusted contacts, in case you encounter problems in logging-in your account in the future, you don’t have to worry, your trusted contacts can access special, one-time security codes from Facebook via URL. You can call or contact your trusted friends to get the security code which you can use to access your account.

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