How to Change Facebook profile picture to French Flag

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Recently, the world shock with the terror attack on Paris, France with hundreds of people have been killed by the terrorist group.

People around the world condemned the recent attack and most have turned to their social media account, particularly Facebook to show their support by changing their profile picture with the French flag.

And you noticed some of your friends Facebook profile already changed. If you want also to show solidarity with the victims by changing your profile picture but don’t know how to do, here’s a simple step.

Change Facebook profile picture to French Flag

  1. Go to your Facebook friend’s profile that already changed to French Flag.Change Fb profile pic to french flag
  2. On their profile timeline, find where their profile picture changed to the French flag. And all you have to do is click the “Try it” button located on the bottom right side of the box.Change fb profile pic to french flag
  3. Clicking the “Try it” button will pop up the customize profile picture screen where you can adjust your profile picture and set how long you before it switch back to your original profile, then click “Use as Profile Picture” to apply.Change FB profile pic to French flag 3

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