How to add subtitles to your videos


Do you ever crave to just have something to read while you are watching something? Or are you watching a foreign movie that you cannot understand and you need subtitles to it? Here in this article, I will show you a few ways on how you can add subtitles to your videos.

Making the subtitle

Many think that making the subtitle for the video is hard; truth is, it isn’t. To make a subtitle, you will need software like subtitle edit so that you can encode subtitles there. If you do not have such software, you can use notepad and just do it there. So how can you create subtitles?

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The first step in making subtitles is understanding how it’s made and how the video or audio goes.

For every cut, you will need to number it. For example:

00:00:01, 200à00:00:05, 200
This is a subtitle example

As you can see in the example, the number one represents the first “scene” or the first subtitle that will appear on the screen. The time, which is hours:minutes:seconds, milliseconds determine how long the subtitle will appear.

This is basically it. So after the first subtitle appears, the second subtitle which will look like something (from our example above) like this,

00:00:05, 250à00:00:09, 250
This is a second subtitle example

Number 2, because it is the second subtitle, then the time.

If you are to do this in the notepad, the file name should be the same name as the video and it should be located where the video is. The file name should have an extension of “.srt” and it should be saved as type “All Files” and it should be UTF-8.

Encoding it

There are certain software that lets you encode your subtitles for them to be embedded permanently and directly to the video, so you don’t have to add it manually every time you open it. Software like TenCoder, Handbrake, and any other converter programs to help you with your encoding.

When you encode, make sure you enable the options “Enable Subtitles,” and “Do two pass encoding” to ensure that the subtitles will be there.

Media Players

I am pretty sure you are familiar with many different media players out there. If you have windows, you will have, by default, Windows Media Player. There are other media players however that are very easy to use, and are very efficient that all you have to do is to drag the “.srt” file onto the video for it to be embedded. Meaning, you do not have to worry about encoding it.

Players like VLC, Home Cinema, and GOM, are the media players that would surely be beneficial for subtitle fanatics.

Enjoy watching with subtitles

After doing all of these, I am pretty certain that your video will now play with subtitles. The most important part of all of these are the subtitle making. If by any chance, the video that you want subtitles with are available on the internet, you can download its .srt file and just attach it or encode it onto the video.

Be sure to study and time the video well so that the subtitles would be precise and accurate.

Are you having trouble with understanding what you are watching? Add subtitles to it and carry the burden no more! If you’re watching a movie, chances are the subtitles are available somewhere on the shores of the internet and all you have to do is to drag and drop it onto the playing video.

If you are going add subtitles to a personal work or project, you may need to do the subtitles yourselves. Good luck in adding subtitles to your video/s.

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