Buying Real Estate In The Philippines Even If You Are Abroad

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The main reason why Filipinos prefer working abroad is because they want a better life. OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) strive and beat their bones so they can live the life they’ve always seen. One sign that that dream is right in front of them is by acquiring or buying properties. But do they need to go back here for them to buy houses or properties? Or can they proceed in buying even if they’re abroad? To answer that question, Yes, OFWs can most definitely buy houses/properties while they’re working overseas.

Most OFWs ask their families here in the Philippines to search for properties because they themselves cannot do it; it’s physically impossible because of course, they’re working overseas. But they can actually seal a deal even if they’re working abroad. If they already have the money, why not invest it immediately so it won’t be lost?

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Buying Real Estate from a developer

Developers are one, if not the most trusted source of real properties. So if you’re an OFW and you’re planning to buy a house with the help of a developer, then continue reading because you’re in the correct webpage.

The very first step of this is to have an entrusted person or representative to act on your behalf. The SPA or The Special Power of Attorney is what we call this person. In documentation, you will see this as Attorney-in-fact. So what this person does is that he/she will sign the deals and documents needed to be signed on your behalf. It’s just like your extension.

This person could be anyone from your siblings, parents, relatives, even friends. The important note that you need to have with this person is that you really trust them. Furthermore, this could be your children only if they are of legal age.

The next step would be completion of registration or reservation process. You need to have your SPA working with a real estate agent to accomplish this.


The required documentation you need for this type of transaction would be:

1. Buyer’s Information Sheet
2. Reservation Fee
3. Authorization Letter from the OFW to the SPA
4. 2 valid government IDs;
5. 2 valid government IDs of your SPA
6. Proof of income

NOTE: The government IDs you need to submit should have 3 specimen signatures for proof of identity

Double-check the reservation slip you issued to your SPA. Ensure that YOUR NAME (OFW) is on it. Otherwise, it cannot be proven valid.

The SPA and yourself will be given a maximum of 30-60 days to accomplish and complete all required documentation to secure the purchase. It’s just like ensuring the sale; that the property will be yours.

The requirements mentioned above is the requirements for the purchase. In addition to that, the OFW also needs to secure the following from where they’re working:

1. Certificate of employment with compensation
2. Consularized power of attorney; (This will be done and processed by the embassy of the country you are working in)
3. Scanned copies of your passport entities
4. Your active or current job contract

So these are the requirements and the process in acquiring or securing a real estate property here in the Philippines from abroad through a developer;

Buying a property from a reseller

Again, just like from a developer, you would need a trusted assigned person to act on behalf of you while you’re away. While abroad, it’s actually the very first and crucial step in purchasing properties here in the Philippines from overseas.

Select the property you wish to purchase and ensure that it has the following:

  • Legal land title
  • Vicinity map; and;
  • Tax declaration of the property

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Ensuring this would not only secure the property you’re eyeing for, it also makes your purchase valid and legal if in case it comes across casualties like declaration of legitimacy and validity.

Since you’re not transacting with a developer, it’s just best to guard yourself against these types of transactions.

Once these are secured, ask for a certified true copy of the land title and property title of ownership. Make sure that the person you’re dealing with is the legitimate and rightful owner of the land/property because you might be in big trouble if you’re dealing with bogus sellers.

After everything;

  • Ensured that the land title is legitimate;
  • The rightful owner of the property is who you’re transacting with;

You can now go and assign your SPA to sign the needed for you since you’re away. Ensure that the SPA has the authorization letter from you (OFW) to avoid confusion.

The Deed of Sale should be bearing your (OFW) name, not theirs (SPA).

Important notes to remember:

  • These are only for developers or resellers, any housing loan programs from banks or other institutions might ask for more documentation so be prepared. They’re not existing to make your life more difficult, they’re just doing their job to ensure that the property you’re looking at is secure and legitimate.
  • Whatever transactions it may be, ALWAYS ENSURE THAT THE PERSON YOU’RE COMMUNICATING WITH IS LEGITIMATE, LICENSED, REGISTERED, ETC. Nowadays, it’s more than difficult to deal with people who are really legitimate. Remember, you’re making an investment, imagine putting everything you’ve worked hard for to waste and just give this chance up.

Real Estate is one of the best and most lucrative assets you can ever acquire. Why? Because it is flexible, it’s remarkable, and it’s just one-of-a-kind.

So are you an OFW who are currently looking to make a real estate investment? Or do you know someone who is? Help them by sharing this article.

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