Efren Nolasco

Efren Nolasco is a former OFW in Taiwan and Abu Dhabi, a web geek and founder of this website. You can follow him on his social media accounts.

McDo Delivery: A Step-by-step guide how to order in McDonald’s Online

You are here because you want to know how McDo delivery works right? Well you came to the right page if you are hesitant...
How to see Facebook hidden message

How to See hidden Message in Facebook

Facebook has a secret inbox that regular user didn't know exist, the inbox contains messages that other people not in your friends list are sent...
TESDA offers Foreign Language Courses

TESDA offers Foreign Language Courses for Free

There are people who prefer to take shorter term courses than the regular 4-year course – these people tend to take up vocational services...
How to verify if the land title is authentic

How to verify if the Land Title is Authentic in the Philippines

One of the best and least risky investment is buying a real property. Today that the price of almost everything goes up, buying a...
Mobile games that does not require internet

Mobile games you can play even without Wi-Fi

Almost all great smartphone games require wi-fi; one reason is because it downloads from its server, another is because it connects you over to...
How to play basketball in Facebook Messenger

How to Play Basketball in Facebook Messenger

Another secret game embedded on Facebook messenger is the popular game basketball, in my previous post I already revealed the chess game, if you...
iPhone SE

Apple unveils newest product, the iPhone SE

All of us are aware that apple is currently one of the most sophisticated and part of the most expensive devices that roamed our...
Valid IDs in the Philippines

Valid IDs in the Philippines

It is always important to carry something with you that can prove your identity. People nowadays even steal identities of other people and that...
myphone my35

MyPhone My35: Premium specs for a budget price

We’ve all met a MyPhone once in our lifetime because this one used to be the pillars of the budget phones here in our...
Upcoming job fair in the Philipines

How to know the upcoming Job Fair in the Philippines

For those who are looking for a job, knowing what company currently hiring is a challenge. Back in the days where you need to...

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