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How to Find Jobs Abroad

5 Tips on How to Find Jobs Abroad

Deciding to work in a foreign country takes a lot of courage. Leaving one’s family and friends in order to take overseas opportunities can...
Hing Speed internet

Advantages of Having a Fast Internet Connection

These days, internet connectivity is no longer a luxury. With millions of Filipinos connected to the internet on their smartphones, tablets, and computers, a...
Super Typhoon

How to Prepare for a Deadly Typhoon

The rainy season has officially begun, and that means rainy days and turbulent storms are up ahead. The Philippines, lying astride the typhoon belt, is...
Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs LG G5

Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs LG G5: Which one you should buy?

For us, the new year has only just begun as Mobile World Congress in under progress at Barcelona and the Titans are here. South...
Digital Trends in the Philippines

Digital Trends in the Philippines

During the last few years, the use of social media networking websites has been massively increased and now Philippines is considered as one of...
Smart phones As A Tool For Learning

How To Utilize Smart phones As A Tool For Learning?

In this age of technology, teachers find it really hard to get students to put away their phones, and focus all their attention on...
technology with a purpose

Ways to use Technology with a Purpose

With the world that we live in, technology is something which has become extremely essential for our survival, success and growth. We cannot simply...
amazon shopping tips

5 Amazon Shopping Tips

I just want to share these shopping tips because I'm a big fan of Even though I live in the Philippines, Amazon is...
Widows 10 Tips

Simple tips for your new Windows 10

After a not so amazing start and step into the modern world of computer by Microsoft with their Windows 8, the next edition of...
HP Laptop

Simple Tips when you are Starting your new HP Laptop

The idea to buy your new and next technology gadget is surely going to excite you. We all love to buy new technology devices...

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