5 Best Online Tools for Tech-Savvy Teachers


Nowadays, students can get the gadgets they want and install all the apps they need in it. This is why teachers take advantage of this by using edtools to incorporate with classroom teaching. There are a lot of tools available online but the following are some of the best to help vivify students learning and simplify teachers work.


This is like the old-school PowerPoint but Animoto is way cooler and easier to use than that. Animoto animates pictures, text, and video clips. This doesn’t require animation skills since students simply choose items that they uploaded and put them in the right slots. Students can also choose a background template and add music from its well-stocked library. After they are done, Animoto compiles and technically animates the items into an incredible animation project.
This software is ideal for storytelling where sequence of events can be magically pulled together. The animated project can be exported to Youtube to attract more views and inspire others to try creating stories through Animoto.


This is a brilliant tool for teachers and studenst to annotate documents online. With A.nnotate, it is possible to note any part of a page with insert, highlight, and strikethrough features. With this tool, students can ensure that all their annotations are saved and can be easily researched and accessed. Now it would be easier to annotate Shakespeare works because of this brilliant note-taking tool. It would also be easier for teachers too to proofread and make correction on students notes.


This is simply created to make life of teachers so much easier. An online system to easily track attendance, assignments, grades and all the necessary classroom tasks. Aside from the teachers ensuring students’s performance, they can also keep their own calendar. Teachers can upload lessons and other academic contents which students can simply access online through Engrade. Parents can also know their children academic performance and status by accessing the account using their login details.


Most students don’t like to write but with MixedInk idea of “writing together” could persuade students to write about different topics. This tool can turn even a complicated academic writing task into a fun group writing activity. Working together produces more ideas for a particular topic. It also motivates each students to be creative and productive. The teacher just need to invite students and let them form groups. Since it is a group work, they should write more and afterwards choose the best work to present. This way, teacher can ensure each student learns to write so they can write on their own in the future.

Google Research Tool

This is unknown to many even to users who fully depend and use Google for research purposes. This is done by opening a doc or presentation in the Google drive and research what to add to it without toggling back and forth, opening new browser and tab, downloading, and saving. It’s just drag and drop. There is a pop-up window next to the doc that allows teachers and students to research as they work. Images, movies, quotes, statistics, etc. are previewed upon research before deciding to insert it to the doc or presentation. This makes the research process so much easier. And also imagine how much time you can save using this great tool.

Technology nowadays plays an important role to reinvigorate students and make the life of teachers so much easier than before.

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