How to log out Candy Crush Saga on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or android devices

Logging out to Candy Crush Saga  when you are using iPad, iPad mini, iPhone  or other tablet using android is quite tricky, I noticed that you need to tap the settings menu twice in order to log out. I will show you the step by step with screen shot taken from iPad Mini how you can easily log out to Candy Crush Saga. By the way I’ll use iPad mini as sample for this instructions, you can also check out this post how to change facebook account on Candy Crush Saga if you want to change your facebook account.

Anyway here are the steps how can you easily log out to Candy Crush Saga;

  1. You need to tap on the settings menu found at the bottom left corner part of your screen, a window will popup, then tap on the red button, see the picture below.How-to-log-out-Candy-Crush-Saga-on-iPad,-iPad-Mini,-iPhone-or-android-devices--1
  2. After you tap on the red button a window will appear like the one below, tap again on the settings menu.How-to-log-out-Candy-Crush-Saga-on-iPad,-iPad-Mini,-iPhone-or-android-devices--2
  3. Another window will popup almost same to the first time you tap on settings but you will noticed that instead of the red button a green icon with a familiar settings logo, see the picture below.How-to-log-out-Candy-Crush-Saga-on-iPad,-iPad-Mini,-iPhone-or-android-devices--3
  4. Tap on that green button and another window will popup, this time the settings window, tap the log out link and your done, see the picture below.How-to-log-out-Candy-Crush-Saga-on-iPad,-iPad-Mini,-iPhone-or-android-devices--4

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