How to Convert Videos for Various Devices with Movavi Video Converter


Movavi Video Converter allows you to convert videos for watching on PC and mobile devices. Movavi Video Converter makes it easy for those who want to convert a large number of videos by providing the batch conversion feature. You can quickly import a large number of videos by using the Watch Folder feature. The Watch Folder feature lets you select folder instead of one file at a time. Every video contained in the folder you select in the Watch Folder option will be added into the converter. The Add Media feature only allows you to import one file at a time.

You must open the video tab in Movavi Video Converter and search for the video format that you are looking for such as MP4, AVI and etc. the fastest way to find the video format you are looking for is to use the search feature. For example, if you want to convert all the videos to MP4, you can type MP4 into the search box and the MP4 file thumbnail will immediately appear. If you load a raw video footage and haven’t yet edited it, you can use the video editor to first remove the mistakes prior to launching the conversion process. You can split, crop and delete parts from the video files by using the scissor trimming tool.

The playback speed of the video can be adjusted to add slow or fast motion effects to the video. You can apply filters, transitions and animated title styles to the video. You can determine how fast is the transition speed. The rotate tool allows you to change the orientation of the video up to 360 degree. You can sync your audio track with the video. It has a voice recorder that allows you to record your own narration and add it into the video. Get more details at

You must specify a new folder where the files will be saved otherwise the files will be saved in the Movavi Library folder. If you don’t need the original video files anymore, you can specify in the save to drop down menu that you want the output files to overwrite the original video files. At the lower right corner, you will find an option that allows you to merge the video files into a single video file. You can load clips related to the video and check the join files option to merge them together into a single video.

To start the conversion process, make sure you click the Convert button. By default, the destination folder will open when the conversion process is completed but you can turn off this option by going to settings. Movavi Video Converter is not just useful for converting video files but it also can be used to convert audio and image files. It can also convert your video files into DVD format so that you can watch it on your TV with a DVD player. The SuperSpeed conversion technology is fast and will not cause any loss in the output video quality.

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