New Technology for Businesses


Businesses are increasingly advancing in their reliance on new technological solutions in order to expand in their marketing, clientele communication and product development. In order to beat competitors, you have to have that little extra they don’t thus the importance of incorporating technology.

Using social media

  • The social media is a great way of advertising. Investing in a strategy based on the social media can rapidly expand the market share of your business.
  • You get to interact through direct messaging to your clients. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the most established social sites. These can be used for starters or you can opt to identify the sites used by your customers.
  • Those most prevalent can be selected then you can maximize on other platforms as you progress.
  • Social sites are also aiming at supplementing each other. This is a great advantage as different sites can be interlinked to save you the time of having to post the same information on all platforms.

New-Technology-for-BusinessesBusiness activities should also be streamlined by the use of software that hastens the day to day activities carried out. Accounting and other financial activities are all integrated in QuickBooks. Some of this software is complicated and may require a short course to be taken in order to get familiarized with their use. Most businesses also require personalized websites. This is brought about by the daily activities done. So long as repetitive duties are performed, that can be easily captured and programmed for a custom made software or website.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is also on the rise. Many businesses are opting for this form of storage because of its convenience. It cuts cost in terms of access and geographical locations. So long as the information is stored in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere. This also maximizes the incorporation of different platforms into the business. Tablets and Smartphone’s can be used to access business content, thus making supervision of the business much easier.

Cloud computing presents a cheap and easy to use service of storing information. Complex computational tasks are also done using cloud computing and thereby it makes it easy for the business to remain active and operate at minimal costs. The ability of accessing information stored in the cloud from any geographical location is another reason why cloud computing is being massively adopted by many businesses.

As technology is incorporated into the business system, there are a few advantages it confers, and some things that the entrepreneur has to look out for;

  • It generates increased sales and cuts on expenditure. Entrepreneurs are therefore encouraged to set strategies that ensure they run their business with top notch technology in mind as it emerges.
  • It remains up to each entrepreneur to use the technological upgrades and equipment that is at his disposal. It is important to adopt scalable technology that will allow for growth without slowing down the business.
  • The value of technology adoption also has to be carefully examined to avoid acquiring technology that will turn out to be superfluous or too advanced for incorporation in the business.

Gadgets in business

As Smartphone’s and Tablets are on the rise, this increases the capacity to invest in mobile applications. This is a great way of advertising since your customers have access to your products once they look at their phones. The application built should also be from different platforms, so as not to disregard any potential customers. Android, Apple IOS, Windows RT, Blackberry’s RIM and Nokia’s Symbian are the most common platforms in use. Aim for these platforms first before investing in the rest of the platforms. This ensures you cover the largest market share possible.

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