The 10 Free Font Apps for iPhone Which Will Mesmerize You


Much unlike Android apps iPhone apps are mostly paid and damn expensive to download. A user is always hard pressed to hunt down free iPhone apps which are free and also good to use. Designers who wish to design fonts or typography, the search is even harder.

But by spending a considerable amount of time surfing the vast expanses of internet I have managed to compile a list of 10 free iPhone apps which aid designers to design their own fonts with much convenience. So hold on tight and brace yourself for my list.

1. Fontli

This is a typography centric app which is loaded with features. It is a social network of sorts for people who are passionate about typography and who want to share their fonts through pictures taken from their iPhone. Its photo tagging helps to spot typefaces and also provides additional information about the creator or the foundry.

2. Font Maker

With Font Maker you can create your customized fonts and use them for writing messages, emails or SMS, or even copy and paste them in other applications.

3. Font Dresser Free

It is a free to use mini font editor. Text can be saved as photos in multiple formats with this tool or send them as email. The iPhone camera can be turned on while editing text.

4. Font Designer

This is a special app for UI developers and iOS developers. With this app you can browse and view all the installed fonts on your device.

5. Font and Color

You can browse and sample text multiple fonts and also create your own color palettes with new tones.

6. Fonts

It lists out a detailed list of all installed fonts on the device. The list is elaborate which shows details like Bold, Italics etc. along with other font details. This is a specific application target towards app developers who need to see how different fonts look at different point sizes on-screen.

7. Typefaces

Typefaces is an iOS platform font viewer. A grid view displays all the fonts installed in your iPhone device and all its characters.

8. Font Gallery Preview

It is an app which lists and previews all the fonts in your iOS device. It works on the iPhone, iPad and the iPad Touch and requires iOS 6.0 or later. It is also optimized for the iPhone 5.0

9. Fontly

Many times you come across sign boards which use unique typography and character sets for writing signs. Fontly is an app which lets you photograph, map and catalog such unique samples of typography. This app will help you to create a catalog of typography which is reminiscent of the bygone era. The signs could be either neon, foiled letters or even hand painted ones.

10. Helvetica vs. Arial

These two fonts Helvetica and Arial are the most common and widely used in typography all across the globe. The Helvetica vs. Arial app is a simple fun app which has been created for designers to understand the basic typographical differences between these two basic fonts.

Author Bio: Macy Jones is an iOS application developer at App Xperts, An App Development Melbourne company. She specializes in creating unique and innovative iPhone apps. Connect with her via Facebook or Twitter.

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