How to Fix Corrupted Memory Card or Flash Drive


In my previous post how to recover deleted files, one of my readers ask me if I can make an instruction how to fix corrupted Secure Digital Card or SD Card and Flash Drive. I search for a solution how to fix the problem because I also wanted to know the solution.

And now I will share what I found. A simple solution that I think may also work for you, but I will not guarantee that will work because it will depend on the damage of your SD Card.

This solution is free, you only need a computer running Windows and a card reader. Some PC/Laptop has a built in Card reader just give it a try if your SD card fit in the slot.

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Please note that I am using Windows 10 preview in this tutorial, the screenshot may look different if you’re using different Windows OS but the procedure is the same.

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card and Flash Drive

Step 1. Insert the SD card on the card slot and check what is the drive letter name.How to fix corrupted memory card

Step 2. Run the command prompt as administrator, you can search it using the windows search bar, when it appears on the search, right-click and select run as administrator.Click Yes, if prompted to confirm running as to fix corrupted memory card step 2

Step 3. On the command prompt type “chkdsk g: /f” without quote, g: is the drive letter of your memory card, when finish typing hit enter. Chkdsk is a short for Check Disk a system tool in DOS that verifies the file system integrity of a volume and fixes logical file system errors. See the screenshot.How to fix corrupted memory card step 3

Step 4. It will now check your memory card for errors and try to fix, it may take some time depending on the size of your SD card and the content, please be patient and wait until it finished. If it’s successful you will see in the result the errors and fixed sectors. In my case my SD card has no problem.How to fix corrupted memory card step 4

You will see the recovered data stored in directory name lost.dir inside SD card. If you’re corrupted memory or SD card cannot fix you may see this error.

The type of filesystem is RAW – This means that ChkDsk cannot identify the filesystem, which usually results from a corrupted SD card that ChkDsk cannot fix. If you receive this error, the problems are beyond ChkDsk’s ability to fix them.

If the solution above did not fix your corrupted Memory Card or your computer does not recognize it, your last resort is to format the memory card. But all the data will be lost.

Another solution is to perform a quick format and try to recover using a free data recovery program like Recuva to try to recover your files.

Hopefully this tutorial helps you to recover important files.

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