Photoshop Tutorials: Changing the Eye Color

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As we all know, we can do a lot of things in our images in Photoshop – in fact we can do almost everything if we are just equipped with the knowledge and skills. In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to change an eye color that would look natural and seamless. You can now have the eye color that you have been yearning for without having to purchase contact lenses. So sit back, relax, and thank us later.

Step 1: Making the Adjustment Layer

For this lesson, we will need the adjustment layer again but first things first, open the photo that you want the eyes to be changed. After opening the photo, click on the adjustment layers panel in the layers panel (little half-filled circle) to open the adjustment layer.

A prompt will open and in the prompt, select the option Curves. In previous lessons, we knew what curves do, correct? And just for refreshers, it is part of the color modifying tools in Photoshop.

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Step 2: Isolating the eyes

Before doing so, we need to click the curve-adjustment option to adjust the curves. In the curves panel, select the (S-looking curved line). Click on the middle handle in the curved line and drag it to the top left. Click on the mask in the layers panel and press Ctrl/Command + I to invert the mask.

Step 3: Painting the eyes

Since it is only the eye color we want changed, then we should only focus on that. Select a round brush, set it to 100% hardness and make sure that it is the size of the eyes – adjust it until it is the accurate size. And oh the color of the paint should be white so that you can easily see where it is painted.

Change the brush color to black and paint it where it overlaps the eyelids or any part of the eye that would make it look unnatural. Make sure that it just covers the color of the eyes. After doing these, click the reset button in the curves panel it looks like a Return symbol but inverted.

Step 4: Utilizing Color Channels in Curves

In the curves panel, click on the dropdown menu that says RGB and choose whatever color you want your eyes to be. After doing so, slightly and carefully move the line in the graph upwards (going to the top left) and you will notice that by just slightly moving it, your eye color changes.

If you want to try a new color, just click on the reset button again or create a new adjustment layer – both works just fine.

Step 5: Experiment

Now if the color you want is not part of the RGB dropdown menu, you can of course experiment with it because RGB is the basic colors, right? So experiment with the brightness and darkness of the eyes by dragging the lines upwards, downwards, whatever you like. This method is used most often because it is realistic. It doesn’t change the secondary colors so you will know that it is a fruit of hard work.

Just experiment on the color and stop if you arrive on the results you want. This benign way of changing the eye colors is no doubt the best and easiest way to do it.

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