Locking and Unlocking your Security Bank ATM card

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Our world is now filled with technological advancements, even the ability to send and receive money can be done online, too. Here in the Philippines, not most people use applications to access their bank accounts simply because they think that the “classical” way of visiting an automated teller machine is better and safer. However, this is not the case. There are hackers and criminals who devised ways on how they can get banking information from you even if you do transactions over the ATM.

In this article, we will be giving details on how you can manually lock/unlock your Security Bank ATM account with just one click of a finger.

Why do people know about this locking and unlocking of an ATM card?

As mentioned above, criminals have many ways on how they can creep into your information even your PIN without you even knowing. So, if you think that your banking information and personal account is in danger, you need to lock your ATM account/card right away.

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You can always call the hotline of your bank to have it locked but wouldn’t it be easier if you just do this through the internet? No more waiting time, no more questions asked, you can just LOCK it whenever you feel the need to.

1. Firstly, you need to have a Security Bank Online Banking Account. You can register by clicking here.

2. After you’ve logged in, you will be redirected to the homepage of the online banking platform. Once inside, you need to select Accounts > Manage ATM Card.

3. If you have multiple accounts with Security Bank, you need to select the ATM account/savings account you wish to lock. Hit on the Lock/Unlock PIN* button.

4. Now, select the account by ticking the text box of the selected account and hit on submit.

5. After that, a one-time password or an OTP will be sent to your phone for verification/confirmation that it is really you trying to lock/unlock your ATM/Savings account.

What are the benefits of this lock/unlock feature of Security Bank ATM Card?

Since our world, physical and virtual is not near safe anymore, it’s actually a good idea by Security Bank to have this feature effective and done by cardholders. In the event that they don’t feel safe in regard with their ATM accounts, they can easily LOCK their ATM cards. This would block online transactions and withdrawals. On the other hand, if they’ve tried too many attempts on their ATM and somehow caused a block on their ATM accounts, they can easily unblock it by just one click of a finger. Who knew that securing your finances is this easy?

Of course, want to be free from this hassle, right? Prevention is better than cure; having this said, how can an individual be safe than to be sorry when dealing with transactions both via ATM and online portals?

Manage Security Bank ATM

Be aware of your surroundings

Here in the Philippines, privacy is scarce. If you’re doing a transaction over an ATM and someone is standing awkwardly close to you, don’t be shy to tell them to adjust a little bit because they wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to them, right?

Another tip is for people to avoid withdrawing when it’s nighttime and in ATMs that are remote. Yes, there are ATMs that are far from civilization and withdrawing during dark would probably be the worst idea ever. Always remember to:

  • Check if there are guards in the area before you withdraw; for maximum security of course;
  • Double check the ATM, check for scratches, breaks, and duplicates on the keypad. If you’re wondering what duplicate keypads mean, then it’s simply a way of a criminal to get your PIN. They would usually lay a similar-looking keypad on top of the keypad which looks almost the same as the original one.
  • Cover the keypads by YOUR WHOLE BODY when you’re withdrawing.

If you’re alone or in a sketchy place, don’t count cash immediately

This goes by the first one already, don’t attempt to make transactions at an ATM that is unusual or strange. When withdrawing, do not count in front of the machine, wait until you’re at your car or somewhere where people is abundant.

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry or clothing

Expensive things attract criminals so it’s better to avoid them than by escaping a pursuit. Be the simplest form you can be. If you can, ask someone to accompany you when you withdraw, criminals would be scared if they see that their target has someone accompanying them.

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Lastly, if caught with an assailant and they’re demanding money from you, just comply

Your life is more expensive than what you’ve just withdrawn, right? Besides, you won’t be withdrawing everything you have. It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

We really cannot tell the level of safety nowadays. We can think that something is safe when it is not; we can be paranoid of our surroundings but it’s the safest you’ve been. In order to avoid danger and hassle of locking, unlocking, and of course, withdrawing, just be fully aware of your surroundings and take care all the time.

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