How to remove people from your photos using Photoshop

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It’s summer already and we love travelling as well as taking photos. Photos are kind of our souvenirs when we visit a certain place that we do not see every so often. Of course, tourists, travelers, and adventurers want their photos to be solitary, calm, and they want only the photo that they want taken. Nobody wants to have a photo taken with a lot of strangers in it, right? Well what you are about to learn is a technique in Photoshop that will leave you astounded and amazed.

How is this good?

Take a moment to imagine this, you are having your wonderful vacation at some place that you planned on visiting years ago and you are about to leave because your plane is to take off any minute from now and you want to take a picture of that specific place. The place is famous and a lot of people are there so the photo that you took has a lot of extra people in it. Doesn’t that sound frustrating? Well, good news is you can actually    avoid that from happening; you ask how?

What do I use for this?

A lot of people underestimate photo editing programs; they think those programs are just for enhancements, they think those are only for making photos look good. For one, Photoshop is a tool that you can use to make these enhancements, and for two, this is what you will use in order to process that magical edit to get rid of the people who are supposed to be out of your photo.

How can I erase people off of my photo?

Before going into Photoshop, be informed that this trick does not involve only one (1) photo. You need to take at least a dozen photos for this to push through; take many photos of the same spot, probably around 15 – 20 photos. Photos shouldn’t have to be perfect, I mean, it can have as many people as it can, it doesn’t matter – It will be removed.

Now after your trip or whenever you can access Photoshop, go to File > Scripts > Statistics and then set the stack mode to “Median” then “Browse” and select the photos that you took. Check the box where it says “Attempt to Automatically Align Source Images.”

What is Photoshop doing in this process?

If you are asking, “what is Photoshop doing, how are they doing this?” It’s actually simple; in this process, Photoshop is detecting the similarities of the photos and then removes everything that was different than before. It processes the images to preserve the permanent background and erases everything that was not in the same position as before.

People are moving, right? So Photoshop simply removes those who are not in place, and then lets you keep the background which is the view you want photographed. Although there might be a little editing that needs to be done, (erasing limbs, hair, feet, etc) it is just minimal so you do not have to worry about it.

Final Tips:

  • Make sure that you take photos with a tripod or somewhere that your camera won’t move.
  • When editing, make sure to take a lot of photos with huge differences of movement from other people.
  • Remember that this is a postcard-quality photo, so take a great photo.

This trick can not only make you look like an editing pro, it can also be your way of earning money because you can actually sell those photos and make it look like you’ve taken a very prepared, very anticipated photo. Enjoy your vacation and do not forget to stay tuned for more! Share this with your friends as well; who knows, maybe this is the site where they can find all that they are looking for.

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