How to Get OEC or Balik-Manggagawa Online

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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) know that while on vacation they need to secure an exit clearance or Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) Balik-Manggagawa (BM) in order to get back in their company abroad.

Getting OEC Balik-Manggagawa in the POEA takes time, especially if you’re residing in the province. I still remember when I was working in Abu Dhabi, when the vacation time comes I am always searching for an easy way to get OEC, like an online system where I can easily get my OEC in front of my computer, but during that time there’s no available online system yet.

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Fortunately, POEA recently announce the BM Online website where OFW returning to the same employer and jobsite can easily get OEC online, while OFW returning to different employer or no records found on the system, needs to set an appointment before going to any POEA offices.

How to Set an Appointment or Get OEC Balik-Manggagawa (BM) Online

To make it easy to follow I will list down the procedure step by step. Note the screenshot below came from instructional video of BMOnline.

1. Go to BMOnline website, fill out the new user form with your info, accept the terms of service by ticking the checkbox beside.BMOnline

2. When the Term of Service pop up screen appears, read it then click accept.OEC Online 2

3. After accepting the TOS, hit the “Sign Me Up” button.BMOnline 2

4. A pop up will appear confirming that your account successfully created, but your email needs to be confirmed, click Okay.OEC Online 4

5. Login to your email and click the confirmation link, send by POEA to confirm the email.OEC Online 5

6. Clicking the confirmation link will take you back to BM online website, confirming that your account is now activated. Click Okay to proceed.OEC Online 6

7. Now that you are registered on the system, you can now sign in using the email address and password you use to create the account.OEC Online 7

8. When you login, it will ask you to provide the last issued OEC number for verification, if you forgot or lost your previous OEC number, click the “CLICK HERE” link to set an appointment.OEC Online 8

9. If you have the previous OEC number entered, it will show your employer and jobsite, if you are returning to the same employer and jobsite, click “Yes” if not click “No” to set an appointment. If no record found, click the “CLICK HERE” link to set an appointment.OEC Online 9

10. Now complete your profile, Personal Data, Contract and particulars and the beneficiaries, and don’t forget to hit “Save Changes” to save your profile. You can always edit if you entered incorrect data.OEC Online 10

11. Attached your profile picture to complete the data.OEC Online 11

12. Click “Next Step” to proceed.OEC Online 12

13. Enter your expected flight schedule, please keep in mind that the validity of OEC is 60 days only, your flight schedule must be within that period. Click submit if you’re done.OEC Online 13

14. A confirmation window will appear, Click “Yes” if you’re returning to the same employer and jobsite, if not click “Set an Appointment”OEC Online 14

15. Another confirmation window will appear, click “Acquire OEC” to confirm that all the information you provide are true.OEC Online 15

16. It is now time to pay your OEC, there are 4 payment options to choose, Banks over the counter, Banks online, Mobile payment, Non Banks over the counter. Choose which one convenient to you, just follow the on screen instructions.OEC Online 16

17. Upon confirming your payment, go back to your BM online account, click transactions menu, and print your OEC.OEC Online 17

That’s it, you have successfully acquired OEC online, convenient and hassle free. For more information about the Balik-Manggagawa (BM) online processing you can visit, BM online general info page.

If you have difficulty following the instructions above, you can use this instructional video.

Source: BM Online

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