How to get a duplicate of your vehicle Certificate of Registration (CR) if you lost it


Losing something accidentally or neglecting where you stashed them is quite a headache not just in general but especially when it comes to your car’s Certificate of Registration (CR). Having a CR means you are entitled to the ownership of your car and losing it will devoid you of any credibility to your car.

Technically, you can’t use your car on public roads without your CR because that would implicate you with significant fines and penalties or even suspension of your license. Buyers will also be hesitant to purchase your car except if the buyers intend to scrap your car. It’s either you thoroughly search your place and remember where you left it or get a copy from the LTO where you have registered your car which will be such distress both on your pocket and time.

With that being said, we will share with you all the necessary requirements to legally get a duplicate of your CR from the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

The requirements you must have are as follow:

  • First off, get a duly notarized affidavit of loss. If you’re not the owner, secure this from the registered owner
  • Second, find the most recent official receipt of payment of registration
  • Third, secure a duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report or MVIR
  • Fourth, present two valid identification cards, preferably government-issued.


After accomplishing all the aforementioned requirements above, you may now go to an LTO branch where your car was first registered since they keep copies of your CR/OR. Afterward, go straight to the transaction counters and hand over your documents which will be checked by an evaluator together with the fees you’ll need to pay. The car will be inspected as well by a motor vehicle inspector to ensure that the information in the MVIR is correct.

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Then, you’ll have to wait for the cashier to call your name so you may pay the required costs and get your Official Receipt from (OR). Finally, head to the Releasing Counter (or somewhere close by), stand by until your name is called to pick up your new CR, plates, stickers, and other requested documents.

Important Note:

To avoid further conflicts, make sure to photocopy your CR and OR together with your driver’s license and keep them in a secured folder or envelop. If you still feel paranoid, you can stash them in multiple locations, such as your home, the office and your car, in case you misplaced the original copy of either of the two.

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