[Fixed] Mozilla Firefox can’t connect to the Internet

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If you’re searching for solution why your Mozilla Firefox Browser cannot connect to internet while your other browser is working fine, this is article is for you.

Recently, when I open the Mozilla Firefox browser on my PC to test the compatibility of my new themes, I cannot connect to the internet. I am confused because the other browser is working.

I’ll search for a solution but, only this one worked for me. Here’s the solution to fix your Mozilla Firefox browser that can’t connect to the internet.

How to Fix Mozilla Firefox can’t connect to the Internet

  1. In your Firefox browser, type in “about:preferences” without quote.How to fix firefox can't connect to internet step 1
  2. You will arrive in the Firefox Options page, select “Advance” menu, “Network” tab, then click “Settings” to configure how Firefox connects to the Internet.How to fix Firefox can't connect to internet
  3. In the connection settings pop up window, choose the proxy settings that will work for you.How fix Firefox Cant connect to internet

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