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Waiting for your flight at the airport is tiring, especially if you have a delayed flight. But if you know at least when you’re waiting will end is a little relief. Luckily we have some free applications and websites that we can access to know where exactly your scheduled plane is.

In this article I will share how to check flight status using two websites and their mobile application. Depending on your device available when you are in the airport whether it is a laptop, tablet or smartphone you can use this instruction.

Since most of us have a smartphone or tablet in our hands while waiting in the airport, using smartphone and tablet will come first in this tutorial.

To make this work, of course you must have internet connection, flight number and the flight date in hand, if all these are available proceed with the instructions below.

Using Smartphone/Tablet

I will use Android smartphone in taking screenshots, it may look different if you are using Android tablet and iOS device, but you have the idea how to get it done. The procedure is almost the same on all devices.

  1. Open Google Play/App Store, search and install either Flightstats or flightradar24, I will install Flightstats in this instruction.How to check flight status online step 1
  2.  After you install the application, open it and search your plane, by entering the airline name, flight number and flight date you will know where the plane that you are looking for.How to check flight status online step 2
  3. Clicking search will display the status of the flight, whether it is delayed or on-time. It also includes the time of departure and estimated time of arrival  (ETA) which is very useful.How to check flight status step 3

Using your Laptop

Using your laptop you can access their service directly through their websites without installing anything. Here’s how.


  1. Go to On the right side, you will see a small floating window, in “By Flight” tab, enter the airline name or code, flight number and flight date then click search.Check flight status using flightstats step 1
  2. It will display the overview status of the flight that you search, you can select the tab at the top to show the departure, arrival, event timeline and on-time performance.Check flight status using flightstats step 2


If you want to see like a live plane flying on the map use Flightradar24. On this website you can see all the planes, and simply by clicking the graphical plane it will reveal the flight status. To search your plane follow the step below.

  1. Go to In the search bar located at the top right part of your screen enter the flight number (e.g. PAL 103), wait until the drop menu appears and select the small arrow at the right of the flight number. See the screenshot.Check flight status using flightradar24 step 1
  2.  Clicking the small arrow will search the plane exact location, on the left part of the screen you will see the status. See the screenshot.Check flight status using flightradar24 step 2

That’s how easy to find a plane and check the status, try this if you are travelling or waiting for your love ones in the airport. As long as you know the airline and the flight number you can check where exactly the plane is.

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