The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) recently implemented the online appointment system where all Philippine Passport applicants whether it is new or for renewal will set an schedule appointment before visiting the desired DFA office. The online appointment system was first put in effect in some branches inside Metro Manila.


Now, if you already set an appointment but decided to cancel or reschedule the confirmed date of appointment due to some unforeseen event the system has provided these options. If you have to cancel or reschedule the date make sure it is 3 days before the confirmed date.

If you can’t arrive to your chosen date make sure to cancel your appointment to avoid problems in your future application. The DFA are planning to give penalty to no-show applicants because it affects other applicants schedule.

In this article you will learn how to easily cancel or reschedule your confirmed date of appointment in DFA online Passport appointment system.

How to Cancel Passport Appointment Online

To cancel your appointment you need the Appointment Code and the email address you used when you fill out the application form when you set your appointment. The appointment code can be found inside the confirmation email DFA sent to you or if you check the printed application form you will see a set of numbers at the bottom of the barcode, this is your appointment code.

When you have the appointment code and the email address go to this link ( enter the code and email in the field provided, check the captcha then click “View Details” button.

Cancel Passport Appointment

Clicking the view details button will reveal your appointment date details, at the bottom part of the page you will see set of buttons, click “CANCEL APPOINTMENT”. Please note that you can only cancel 3 days before the confirmed date.

Cancel Passport Appointment Online

Click Cancel Appointment again on the second page.

Cancel Passport Application 4

You will arrive into confirmation page confirming your appointment date was successfully canceled, you will also receive a confirmation email.

Cancel Passport Application 5

How to Reschedule Passport Appointment Online

If you want to reschedule your appointment, follow the same steps above when canceling the appointment but instead of clicking the cancel appointment button, click the “RESCHEDULE”.

Reschedule Passport Application online

When you click reschedule you will take back to the page like you are setting new appointment date, where you can select the DFA site and date, select the date that you want to make your appointment reschedule, then click confirmed.

Reschedule Passport application

You will receive an email confirmation for rescheduling your appointment, you need to confirmed it by clicking the link, just like when you first apply.

Reschedule Passport Appointment - Confirmation

Don’t forget to print your new application form with the new schedule date.

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