Waze: The app that can save you from road problems


If you are a commuter, then you are most definitely aware of the worsening traffic that is trying its best to be a part of our daily routines; traffic here and there, accidents, and a lot more stuff that hinders the smooth flow of traffic. Developers have made an app that can ultimately help you with the problem we are facing. Whether you are traveling by car or if you are commuting, the accuracy of this app can leave you breathless. I know that a lot of you are questioning it – can an app really provide that relevant information?

If you have been living in a rock for ages, then let me introduce to you Waze; Waze is considered to be the largest community-based traffic and navigation app that helps drivers and travelers outsmart the traffic, together. It was founded in 2007 and by Amir Shinar, Ehud Shabtai, and Uri Levine.

The app technically shows you where you are in the road and the areas you are going to get into. It will indicate if a certain path has heavy traffic and it will show you alternatives as to what path you may take in order to reach your destination in a shorter span of time.

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When you first sign up for Waze, you can initially enter your home and work addresses so you can just click it whenever you are leaving for work, Waze will then inform you which way leads to less time. You can register locations so that you won’t have to search for them over and over again.

The Community

As mentioned earlier, it is a community app which means you can interact with other people who use the app as well. As a user, you will get points if you contribute road information and getting points mean that your standing in the community rises.

Every user starts out as Waze Baby and the farthest, the highest now is Waze Royalty. So notify other drivers as to what obstacles they might face on the road in order for you to gain points and to gain respect from other drivers.

What are the reports you can do?

  • Police
  • Traffic
  • Accidents
  • Map Chats
  • Hazards

Aside from this, you can also send drivers alerts and tell them how far the nearest gasoline station is.

You can also send messages to other drivers which makes this app a two-in-one app which is somewhat like a social network and a navigation app. Drivers who are in contact with one another who has the app does not need to open other communication apps to communicate with them because in Waze alone, you can send messages, alerts, and you can even buzz like the old times.

How does it work?

Waze is technically just your GPS but it is more advanced because it will be able to tell you how long you can get there and what you should worry about on your journey. It will also relay different or alternative routes you can take to get to your destination faster and without hassle.

Google Acquired Waze for $1.1 Billion

As many of you are unaware of, Google wrenched out a lot of money to acquire Waze; maybe they thought that the app has no competitors at the moment that they can get every little thing out of it. Google Maps also has traffic layers which are colored: Red, Yellow, and Green but that is nothing compared to real people submitting real-time activity on the area you are in.

Waze is available on both iOS and Android and it really is a work of magic because it does not only serve as a map, it can also be your assistant in traffic to help you avoid unnecessary traffic and obstacles in your journey to your destination.

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