How to Properly Create Your Own Online Presence


The Internet has become more than just a piece of the technological innovation, it has a holding in almost every part of daily life: business, dating, friendships, schooling, government, etc. There isn’t a single sector of the world that the internet superhighway doesn’t play any role in.

If you are a business owner or just want to use the Internet as a way to becoming a business owner, then you have to start off on the right foot. Having a strategy for creating your online presence is crucial to you,  finding your niche in the Internet market and making a profit from it. Read through these suggestions to find the key points you should be focusing on in order to get started today.

Online Presence

Find a Great Domain Name

Before you even begin building your website, your domain name or your web address will be the initial tag, that search engines use to find you when others are looking. You’ll want to find an address with a .com or a .net because search engines and customers recognize and trust those sites. You’ll also want the domain to include key phrases concerning your business.

For example, if you are a clothing retailer “,” or if you want to relay your location “,” using key phrases such as those in your domain address will allow search engines to find you faster and place you higher on results pages. Remember that you have to purchase a domain name so find one for the right price. On average they are about $2,500 but if you are a small business, find one for between $500 to $1,500. Prices vary depending on the popularity of the domain name and who you’re buying it from.

Build Your Website

Once you have found the perfect domain name, it becomes a matter of building a great site. There are a number of tools and tricks that you can use to make your website more noticeable, but the key ones you should focus on are navigability, content and appearance. Google has very strict rules when it comes to recognizing dummy or subpar sites, so put some time into it. Have easy-to-use tabs so people can find different parts of your business, and use well-written and valuable content that will apply to those searching for you and make your site clean and professional in appearance. Use images to break up large pieces of content, but not so much that search engines discredit you.

Social Media

While having a website is a great way to get your online presence started, the best way to promote it is through social media. If you think that your business doesn’t need it or that it is just for the younger generations, you’re wrong. Everyone uses social media today and as such, it has become a trusted format for many customers to search and learn about new businesses.

Try to use the networks that would pertain to your business, for example, if you specialize in industrial tank cleaning, an Instragram account may be superfluous, but a LinkedIn or Google+ account would be perfect. When you use social media, remember to be social. Reach out to those in your field, those that would use your product, companies or people you admire. To Share useful content, make your own content and share that, just don’t remain silent and stagnant.

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