While some part of the world are now enjoying their latest iPhone model, the Apple store in the Philippines has no official date when iPhone 6 and the bigger iPhone 6 plus become available in the country.

But, some online store manages to get the latest phone to sell on their site. Unfortunately the iPhone 6 price in the Philippines is triple or more than the regular price in the US.

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iphone 6 priec philippines widget city

Lazada, one of the popular online store in the Philippines selling iPhone 6 from 58, 960 to 64, 320 pesos and the iPhone 6 Plus from 107, 190 to 129, 970 pesos which is kind a overprice since the apple store in the US are selling iPhone 6 from $649 (P28,800) to $849 (P37,700) while the iPhone 6 Plus are selling from $749 (P33,300) to $949 (P42,300).iphone 6 price philippines

Even if you add all the cost for handling and shipping this new device it will not cost you more than the price of the new iPhone 6. Some seller on OLX.ph formerly Sulit an online marketplace in the Philippines offer the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus cheaper than the other online store.

See the difference of iPhone 6 price in the Philippines in the price comparison table below.

Store iPhone 6 16GB iPhone 6 64GB iPhone 6 128GB iPhone 6 Plus 16GB iPhone 6 Plus 64GB iPhone 6 Plus 128GB
Lazada 58, 960 62, 980 64, 320 107, 190 119, 250 129, 970
Widget City 52,500 57,500 62,500 92,500 102,500 108,500
Kimstore 49,999 54,999 56,999 89,999 96,999 98,999
OLX 39, 000 47, 000 52, 000 49, 000 57, 000 65, 000
US Apple Store $649 $749 $849 $749 $849 $949

All price are in Philippine Peso, except for the US Apple store.

Telco company in the US like AT&T, Sprint and Verizon are offering iPhone 6 from $199 to to $399 and iPhone 6 Plus from $299 to $499.

Local Telco in the country, neither Globe or Smart have not yet released any information about the availability and price of the iPhone 6 in the Philippines.

Updates: Feb. 3, 2015

On the Apple Philippines website the price of iPhone 6 is now starting from P35, 990 and iPhone 6 Plus from P41, 990. While you can check this Smart Plan and compare the price.

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