Enye Ññ  is the letter of the modern Latin alphabet and it is formed by an N with a tilde on top. It is also used in Spanish alphabet, Filipino alphabet, Austrian Alphabet and many more.

While most of the computers now use an English keyboard like on Macintosh, you cannot see the Ñ key on the keyboard. To type enye Ñ on your Mac, simply follow this simple step.

how to type enye on mac

On your keyboard, press and hold option then press “n” (option + n) tilde will be created, then press “n” or Shift + n (for big Ñ) again without holding the option key.

option + n, n = ñ
option + n, shift + n = Ñ

You can also use this method to Ãã or Õõ, by pressing option + n and typing the letter that you want to create.

option + n, o = õ
option + n, shift + o = Õ

option + n, a = ã
option + n, shift + a = Ã

To type enye (Ññ) on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini) 

Typing enye on  iOS is simple, just press and hold the letter “n” to reveal ñ, see the screenshot.

how to type small enye on iOS
To type large Ñ, press the shift button first before pressing and hold the letter “N”. Just like on the screenshot.

how to type big enye on iOS


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