How to Mute Individual Tab in Google Chrome Browser

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The Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser on all the other platforms it supports, desktop, mobile, tablets except for iOS where Safari is preinstalled.

Early this year, according to StatCounter estimates Google Chrome has a 51% worldwide user share in web browsers as desktop browsers.

Clearly, chrome is one of the most updated browser today, although Mozilla Firefox favored by some web developer due to functions that are not available on Chrome.

In the previous updates, Google Chrome allows you to easily see which tab is playing audio when they add the small speaker icon. 

Now its possible to click on the tiny speaker icon to mute the sounds coming from the tab with just one click.

This new feature of Google Chrome is only experimental according to according to The Next Web, to enable this new feature follow the steps;

  1. To get started, type chrome://flags/ in your Chrome address bar to take you in Google’s experimental features page.How to mute individual tab on chrome step1
  2. Search for “Enable tab audio muting UI control” in the list, then click “Enable” to turn on the to enable mute feature on chrome
  3. Restart your Google Chrome to take effect the new settings.

Having this new feature turned on, you can now click the small speaker icon to mute the sound coming from the tab. See the screenshot.How to mute individual tab on chrome

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