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Construct and write an effective online bio

How can I Write an Effective Online Bio?

We all need bios in every part of what we do. As a matter of fact, bios are where a person can judge our...
blog niches for Pinoy

Beneficial Blog Niches for Filipino Bloggers

Blog Niches Defined. Blog niches are obviously characterized subjects or area secured by blog articles composed because of an intended interest group to target specific...
Video games

How to make your hobby a living?

As people, we all have hobbies; things that we love doing in our spare time that interest us and entertain us. Even if we...
Tips for writing effectively

Tips for writing effectively

A lot of people make their living by writing; either in newspapers, magazines, books, even online.  They are on that level for a certain...
How to write an autobiography

How to write an Autobiography

“First impressions last” is a saying that we all hold in order for us to portray our best attributes when first mingling with people....

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