How to Check Illegal Recruitment Agency using POEA website

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When I apply to a recruitment agency to work abroad, I make sure that it has a valid license from the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA). Since that time I don’t know if the POEA already launched their online system, I have to visit the POEA office in Ortigas just to check and make sure that I am not going to fall to the illegal recruiter.

The POEA website is very convenient where anyone who is connected to the Internet can easily check if the recruitment agency they are applying has a POEA license to recruit.

And to make it easy for everyone especially for the beginners or not too tech savvy, I will show every step how to check illegal recruitment agency using the POEA website.

Step 1. Go to POEA official website, you will see at the right side of the homepage in the online services section the “Status of Recruitment Agencies” with a search box below, you can directly enter the agency name in the search box and hit the search button.POEA Website - Check illegal recruiter

Step 2. After you hit the search button you should see the address, contact numbers, the status and the POEA license validity period, make sure that the status of the agency is “Valid License”POEA website -1

Step 3. If the POEA cancelled the license of the recruitment agency it should appear in the status as “Cancelled” highlighted in red.POEA Agency

Step 4. If the agency you search cannot find in the system, it means you are dealing with illegal recruiter, and should be reported to POEA.POEA Agency 1

Now that you already know how to check if the agency is illegal, make sure to check your agency in POEA website before giving any amount of money.

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