Fix no thumbnail issue wordpress

WordPress: How to Fix No featured thumbnail issue on facebook share

Yesterday I've noticed that when I share my post to my Facebook Fanpage, my feature image was not showing,... Read more

How to Create Website in Three Steps

Creating a website is difficult if you don't have enough experience in web development which only people with a... Read more
Learn WordPress

How to learn WordPress in a week or less?

Are you looking to develop a strong knowledge and a sound background of WordPress? For starters, the good news... Read more
How to Secure Website

Securing A Website Against Malwares And Hackers – Pro Tips To Consider

One may think that his website has nothing to be hacked for, but this is not the fact. No... Read more

How to Create WordPress Child Theme Without using @import

If you're reading articles how to customize the theme of your WordPress website, especially if you're using premium themes... Read more
Drop Caps

WordPress: How to Automatically create Drop Caps Without using Plugins

Looking for an automatic way to create drop caps on every post or pages of your WordPress blog without... Read more

WordPress Social Sharing Plugins like on Mashable

The news, technology and social media blog Mashable have a system called velocity, which is used to determine if... Read more
Effective Portfolio with WordPress

How to Create an Effective Portfolio with WordPress

A portfolio is a collection of your skills, experiences and major accomplishments of your career. It demonstrates the samples... Read more
How to Customize WordPress widget

How to Create Floating Widget on WordPress Sidebar

A floating widget in a sidebar of a WordPress site is very useful if you're trying to catch the... Read more
How to Customize WordPress widget

How to Customize Specific WordPress Widget

WordPress themes tend to use almost the same CSS styling rules in their widgets like the one you'll see... Read more

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