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Google Search Tips and Tricks

15 Google Search Tips and Tricks you may not Know

Google, the most use website today where you can find almost anything just by typing in their powerful Search... Read more

How to Embed Google Map

We are very thankful to Google for giving us google map free to use, maps are very useful especially... Read more

How to Solve Geometric Problems using Google Search

Google continues to fulfill their mission of organizing the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful to anybody... Read more

How to Fix Voice Search has been Turned Off

In the recent update of Google Chrome browser "OK google" voice search has been added to the browser. If you... Read more

How to Add Place in Google Map

Google enables their users to add the place they know in google maps, anybody who has a google account... Read more
How to mute individual tab

How to Mute Individual Tab in Google Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser on all the other platforms it supports, desktop, mobile, tablets... Read more
Google Search history

How to Download your Entire Google Search History

If you are curious on what you have been searching on Google since you start using it, you can... Read more

How to Create Google Plus Badge

The Google Plus badge is like a Facebook like a box where your readers can easily click follow button... Read more
2 step verification

How to Add Second Layer Security to your Google Account

Adding a second layer of security to any of your online accounts is a must nowadays. Some online financial... Read more

How to Update Google Chrome

Sometimes you get a notification every time the Google Chrome browser releases an update, but if you are working... Read more

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