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4000+ Work in New Zealand

Over 4000+ Job Opportunities In New Zealand

Do you have plans of applying for a job in New Zealand? But the problem of knowing if a... Read more
How to write resignation letter

How to Write a Resignation Letter

Everybody goes through that special moment of leaving the zone where he is so comfortable that he rarely thinks... Read more
Work Promotion

8 Great Tricks to Get Promoted

In our careers, earning huge salaries is not just our goal. For some, they want to explore more on... Read more
Vacation Leave Request

How to file a Good and Well-Executed Vacation Leave

At one point in our careers, we would of course want a few days off to find peace and... Read more
Improve Customer Service Skills

5 Tips to Improve Customer Service Skills

The service industry requires a lot of skills from a person which makes it a difficult and a tough... Read more
Things You Should Not Say During an Interview

Five Things You Should Not Say During an Interview

When the company you want to work for wholeheartedly accepts your resume, chances are you’re now being set up... Read more
functional resume template

Functional Resume Format: A Deeper Look

In a previous article, we enumerated three (3) of the most commonly used resume formats/templates; namely: the Chronological (Reverse... Read more
Real Estate Jobs

Why You Should Consider a Job in Real Estate

The real estate field is just one of the many professions that make good money and that gives you... Read more
Uber Driver

Getting Started Driving with Uber

When you drive with Uber you will bring in great money and earn as much as you want.  The... Read more

Parenting Tip: How Can I Be A Good Parent While Working Abroad?

We all know that one of sacrifices of being an OFW is leaving the country.  If you're single, then... Read more

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