PRC Online Verification of Rating: Check your PRC Licensure Exam Rating Online

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The Professional Regulation Commission or PRC Online verification let all the examinees check their average rating they get during the exam wherever they are. With the latest technology today and the availability of the internet everywhere, PRC also upgrade their system and make the exam rating available online. Unlike in the past, if you want to know your rating, you need to visit PRC office and wait for a long queue.

After PRC releases the result all the successful examinees who pass the exam, the second thing that almost all want to know is their rating. Except for those who top the exams, all the testee  don’t know their average rating.

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This PRC online verification of rating is very helpful. You only need to provide some personal data in order to retrieve the rating online.

We provide step-by-step instruction how you can verify or check your PRC licensure exam rating online using the official website.

To Check PRC Licensure Exam Rating online follow the below given steps.

Step 1: Go to PRC Online Verification of Rating page (

Step 2: You will redirected to PRC Verification of rating form just like the screenshot below.

PRC Rating

Step 3: Fill out the form, select the exam name (e.g. Nurse, Professional Teacher, Physician), exam date (when you took the exam), Application No. (This is the serial/form number located in the answer sheet), then followed by your personal info. See the screenshot.

PRC online verification

Step 4: After you fill out all the needed fields to verify your identity, click “Verify” button to see your scores or ratings for your licensure examination.

That’s it, if you entered it correctly, you can now see your Exam rating. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write a comment below.

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  1. How can I verify my rating f I forgot my application number? Is it ok f I put my prc licensed number? When.I took up the LET my complete name is Angeline Aleman Hilot,,, for.immediate response.

  2. I took the board exam last june 2009 and i just want to view my rating. Is there a way i can do that without the application number or is there any way to retrieve my application number?

  3. How can i verify my rating i forgot my application number i the licensure examination for tescher last september 2018. My complete name is Maricel Morales Despe my bday is June 29, 1977.Thank you for your immediate response

  4. mine also i forgot my application number but i want now to online transaction on my prc rating for promotion


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