Applying for a BPI Savings account may be a wonder for some since they do not know where and how to start. Mind you, a lot of Filipinos search the internet for this and this article is a request done by a lot of viewers. In order to help readers and patrons, we will create a complete guide on how you can have a savings account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands.

Basically, this article is to guide you in getting your BPI Savings account and everything else you need for you to enjoy the account hassle-free.

In order to apply for one;

  1. You need to visit the nearest BPI bank in your area and of course, with the requirements you need for the application which will be listed below; and;
  2. Advise the teller or the personnel there that you will be opening a BPI Savings account. There are a few types of savings account and we will be listing them as well.

The requirements you will need are:

  • Two (2) Valid IDs and if you want, you can provide them with three (3) for excellent proof.  Present also at least one (1) ID bearing your photo and signature.
  • Billing statements (to verify the billing address) **it doesn’t have to be in your name, all they need is the address you will use.
  • Two (2) copies of 2×2 and 1×1
  • Initial deposit

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few types of savings accounts for BPI and we will briefly discuss few of the most common ones in order for you to tailor-fit your needs as to what type of account you will be getting.

BPI Express Teller Savings

This type of BPI savings account gives you a ton of flexibility with BPI ATMs nationwide. Aside from that, you can use this account as a debit card for swiping and for paying your bills. Also, you can enroll this type of savings account with Online Banking to fully enhance your experience with BPI. We will have a separate tutorial in applying your savings account to online banking.

  • Required Maintaining Balance – Php3, 000.00
  • Initial Deposit – Php500.00
  • Balance to earn interest – Php5, 000.00
  • Interest rate – 0.25% (per year)

Save-up Automatic Savings

This type of savings account requires you to have an existing BPI savings account from where you want the funds to be coming from. Coming from its name, you will automatically have your savings transferred which is good if you want control over incoming cash and to automate your savings.

  • Can also be enrolled in Online Banking
  • No initial deposit
  • You have two (2) variant options:
    • You can save with free accident and free life insurance; or;
    • Save up high that has interest

BPI Easy Saver

This type of savings account is for those who just want to have their even small money placed in a savings account. It is perfect for students who want to start saving up for their future.

  • No maintaining balance
  • Initial deposit amount is 00

Maxi-Saver Savings

This type of savings is for those people who want to get a higher interest rate as usual but of course in need of a lot of money in their account. Plus, this type of savings account is perfect for those who do not withdraw every now and then because there is a 0.5% bonus interest if there is no withdrawal made in a month.

  • Initial deposit – Php50, 000.00
  • Required maintaining balance – Php50, 000.00
  • Balance to earn interest – Php50, 000.00
  • Interest rates:
    • Less than Php50, 000.00 – N/A
    • Php50, 000.00 – 499, 999.00 – 25%
    • Php500, 000.00 – 999, 999.00 – 375%
    • 1, 000, 000.00 and above – 1%

Now you are educated on how you can enroll yourself to have a savings account with BPI. Aside from that, you also learned the different types of savings account so that you know what specific type you want for yourself.

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