SSS Maternity Benefit: You Can Now Inform SSS via SMS


The Social Security System (SSS) gives aid to its members; members who have disabilities, pregnant, or those in need. The SSS provides different types of loans and benefits that can be gotten through filing an application. With recent and advancements in technology, mothers who want to apply or notify the SSS of their maternity benefit has been made hassle-free. Why? Because they came up with a way on how you can inform SSS via SMS.

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SSS was successful in launching their text messaging facility. This allows employed female members to notify SSS via SMS to inform them about their pregnancy. Before this, employed female members need to go to any SSS office to personally submit their notification or request for benefit. But, with the new process, the SSS can now prepare the maternity benefit with just a send of a text message.

SSS Maternity Leave Benefits

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President and CEO of SSS Emmanuel Dooc said that mothers expecting for a baby can now inform SSS about their pregnancy with just a text message away. In addition to that, Dooc said:

It is more convenient for them since they no longer need to go to SSS personally to comply with the notification requirement. 

Text-SSS and online facilities are our answer to the growing need of members for a more convenient and accessible means of transacting with SSS for their maternity claims.

For further information, expecting mothers need to provide the following in their text message:

  • Social Security Number;
  • PIN;
  • Expected delivery date; and
  • Number of total pregnancies

What is the format in notifying SSS of the pregnancy?

Of course, expecting mother notifying SSS via SMS of their pregnancy needs to have a format. This is to avoid errors and mixing with other inquiries.

SSSMATERNITYNOTIF <Social Security Number> <PIN> <Expected delivery date MM/DD/YYYY> <Total number of pregnancies including the current one>

Send to 2600. 

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Depending on which telecommunications company you’re with, the text message will cost Php2.00 to Php2.50. In addition to the text messaging system, members can also notify the SSS through the SSS website.

When claiming the benefit, mothers would have to submit proof of pregnancy. They would need to submit it at the time when they’re ready to claim for reimbursements. For more information about the SSS Maternity benefits, click on this link here.

With this new process of pregnant mothers notifying the SSS via SMS, it’s hassle-free and more convenient. As per the SSS, they are on the road to providing better, faster, and easier means of notification and benefit claiming.

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