What to do when you forget your BDO ATM Card PIN


Not associating your PIN to something that you would remember for life can make you forget it. Even if it is just a 6 or 4-digit number, it is still inevitable that you forget it because it is a given that we think about a lot of things every single day. Say for example, you forget what your PIN is for your BDO ATM card, after three (3) unsuccessful tried, it will lock your account and possibly, the machine can consume your ATM card. In this article, we will be telling you what you need to do when this rare occurrence happens.

One thing you need to remember is that BDO does not allow PIN retrieval. What you need to do is to replace your ATM card together with a new PIN of your choice.

How to recover forgotten BDO Pin

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Here are the steps how to replace BDO ATM

Step 1

The very first step you need to do is to proceed to the nearest BDO branch and request for a BDO Card replacement. It is a policy of BDO to have your ATM card replaced if in any case you lose your PIN.

Step 2

The second step is to properly fill out the BDO Replacement Form. On the top right, there are two things that you can check:

  • New
  • Replacement

It is a no-brainer that you have to check the Replacement box because that is what you’re there for, correct? Just like the new BDO Account Application, you have to fill out all the necessary information that would link you to your BDO Personal Account.

Step 3

There is a fine for this and it is approximately P150. 00. Losing your PIN costs you this much so it would be better if you just take good care of your PIN so that you won’t go through this hassle and expense all over again.
**Note** The price of the replacement fee can change and it solely depends on BDO. But as of the moment, the cost for the card replacement is just P150. 00

Step 4

Your new card will be available in 5-7 banking days. You will need to pick this up from the branch where you applied for the replacement of the card.

Points to remember:

  • Your old or previous BDO account number still remains the same; only the card and the PIN is replaced.
  • Ensure that you incorporate your new PIN to a number you will not forget to avoid going through the process again.
  • This process goes to losing your card as well so be extra careful in remembering your PIN and in keeping your card in a place where you will never forget that it is there.

As of the moment, the process stays the same – you would have to visit a BDO branch to have your card and your PIN replaced. Who knows, maybe BDO will have online replacement for cards and PINs anytime soon. This would totally be a convenient thought if the banking giant thinks about it.

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