A collection of Simple tips and tricks for iOS user that will make their device work efficiently and help them become more productive.
reset progress level in candy crush

How to Reset Progress Level in Candy Crush Saga using iOS or Android devices

Recently, one of my reader posts a comment question on my post "Tips how to change your Facebook account... Read more
how to type small enye on iOS

How to Type Enye (Ññ) on Mac or iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) Device

Enye Ññ  is the letter of the modern Latin alphabet and it is formed by an N with a... Read more

How to easily uninstall or remove Candy Crush Saga on iOS 7 and android...

Are you weary of playing Candy Crush and decided to stop completely? Do you want to remove the app... Read more
send big files

How to Transfer Large Files using SHAREit App

If you need a way to transfer large files, videos, photos etc. from your Windows, Android or iOS device... Read more

Candy Crush Saga: How to Change Facebook Account in iOS 7

This is an update post on how to change Facebook account in your favorite puzzle game Candy Crush Saga.... Read more

Is Your Android Smartphone Getting Too Slow? Here’s What You Need To Do

Our smartphones are like portable computers - we can work with it, send emails, publish literature, literally everything we... Read more
how to change wallpaper on ipad

How to Change Wallpaper on iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

To personalize your device, one thing that you consider to change is the wallpaper. For newbies changing wallpaper on... Read more

How to Install Chikka Messenger App on iPad or iPad Mini

Chikka is very useful, especially for the Filipino's, using this free app can send free text message or SMS... Read more
Close iOS app

How to Completely Closed Apps on iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod and other iOS...

Most of iOS users don't know how to completely close the apps after they used. Did you notice that your... Read more

Apple iPhone Isn’t Turning On Anymore?

Even though we are at the peak of our technology, it still has its flaws. Apple, being one of... Read more

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