Facebook is the most popular networking sites nowadays with over one billion registered users worldwide and counting, many users are looking for some tips and guides how to use this website or mobile apps. And this is a Collection of simple tips and tutorials that can help Facebook user make the most out of it.
Share FB Photos

How to share Photos with specific Facebook friends

Photo sharing on Facebook is one of the best feature where you can easily share your best memories to... Read more
Block messages

How to Block Someone from Sending a Message on Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook messenger become effective tools to dispatch messages, photos, and videos instantly that connects users on the Facebook... Read more
how to make facebook custom URL

How to Personalize Facebook URL

Facebook is now allowing their users to personalize the URL of their Facebook profiles and pages with Facebook usernames.... Read more

How To Check And See Fake Facebook Pages

On the internet, you could be anyone who you want to be. In simpler terms, you don't need an... Read more
How to add Facebook Security

How to Add Security to Facebook Account

Today, millions of people surfing the internet, all has their own purpose, some good others are bad, if you... Read more
Facebook Temporary Profile

How to set Temporary Profile Picture in Facebook

Over the years, technology have been moving forward and based on what we can witness today, it has no... Read more

How Can I Check if my Facebook Information was Shared with Cambridge Analytica?

With the ongoing scandal between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica, everyone seems to have been buzzed. Although it's kind of... Read more
How to save Facebook Links, post and video Facebook

How to Save Post or Links on Facebook

Sometimes a very good post appears on our Facebook timeline, whether it is a recipe or a tutorial and... Read more
Facebook Messenger multiple account

How to add multiple accounts in Facebook Messenger app for Android

Some people have multiple Facebook accounts because they want their personal account to be at par with the personal... Read more
How to leave Facebook Group

How to leave Facebook Group or Group Chat

Have you been in a situation where one of your friends added you in a group chat on Facebook... Read more

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