Facebook is the most popular networking sites nowadays with over one billion registered users worldwide and counting, many users are looking for some tips and guides how to use this website or mobile apps. And this is a Collection of simple tips and tutorials that can help Facebook user make the most out of it.
Block messages

How to Block Someone from Sending a Message on Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook messenger become effective tools to dispatch messages, photos, and videos instantly that connects users on the Facebook... Read more
Turn Off AutoPlay video on Facebook

How to Turn Off Video Autoplay on Facebook

Have you noticed recently that when you scroll your Facebook wall, everytime a post video is focus it automatically play.... Read more
How to Create Facebook Notes

How to Create Facebook Note

If you have passion in writing, and you want to share your work with other people, but don't have... Read more
How to block FB friends from posting

Facebook: How to Block Friends from Posting on your Wall using PC, Tablet or...

By default Facebook settings, your friends can post anything on your wall, but sometimes if you have so many... Read more
How to Add Facebook Messenger on Browser

How to Add Facebook Messenger on Your Browser

Facebook messenger is the top free application on Google Play with over half a billion download. People prefer to use... Read more
Facebook Unfriend

How to Know if Someone Unfriended you on Facebook

Do you wanna know if someone kicks you off their Facebook friends list? A browser extension called "Unfriend Notify for... Read more
create facebook page step 1

How to Create Facebook Page

Social networking sites like Facebook has a big role in the success of businesses, celebrities and talented people. One... Read more
friends on Facebook

What are Close Friends on Facebook

In the relationship tree, having friends is not the best click to it. Next to having friends, you have... Read more
how to make facebook custom URL

How to Personalize Facebook URL

Facebook is now allowing their users to personalize the URL of their Facebook profiles and pages with Facebook usernames.... Read more
Change Facebook profile picture to French Flag

How to Change Facebook profile picture to French Flag

Recently, the world shock with the terror attack on Paris, France with hundreds of people have been killed by... Read more

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