How to Install Kingmax Sycret Text App in your Android Smartphone


In my previous post about Sycret Text, I explain what are the features and how this new MicroSD from Kingmax work.

If you amaze on the features and what this new product can do, I will walk you through the first-run initialization upon installing the App on your device to give you more insights on this product.

How to Install Kingmax Sycret Text App

Note: Before you start installing the App, please take into consideration the following;

  • Make sure your Android phone won’t run out of power
  • DO NOT force stopping Sycret Text app, umount, or remove Sycret Text card
  • DO NOT turn off your Android phone or remove battery

If you’re ready for the installation, follow the instructions below.

  1. Download APP “Sycret Text” from Google Play. To download the app you need a QR Code reader installed on your smartphone. You can find different QR Code reader app on Google Play for free. Once you have it installed scan the QR Code on the box of Kingmax Sycret Text. How to install sycret textIt will give you the link to Google Play where you can download the App.How to install Sycret Text step 1.1
  2. After you successfully installed the Sycret Text Application, insert the MicroSD card in the card slot of your smartphone.How to install Sycret Text App step 3
  3. Open Sycret Text app installed on your phone to start the first-run initialization. How to install sycret Text app ste 4.1It will take a few minutes so please be patient.How to Install Sycret Text Step 4
  4. Set up your password (user PIN).How to Install Sycret Text App step 5
  5. For the first-time use, the RSA key pair used for file encryption functionality will be generated by Sycret Text card upon the first-run initialization process. It takes approximately two minutes.
  6. You will be asked to answer three security questions.How to install Sycret Text App step 6

After the setup is complete, everytime you open the Sycret Text App, it will ask for a password (this is the password or pin that you enter in step 4) in order to access the app.How to Install Sycret Text App

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