Encrypt Text Messages and Files Using Sycret Text

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Encryption or in cryptography is the process of encoding messages or information in such a way that only authorized parties can read it. Data encryption is very important to people dealing with confidential files or information.

To make the confidential files or other information from leaking or viewed by unauthorized person, military personnel usually exchanging information in encrypted format.

Encrypting files using your personal computer is much easier using encrypting programs or applications. How about encrypting text messages, files, photos or videos from your mobile devices?

Last year a collection of approximately 500 private pictures of various celebrities, mostly women, and with many containing nudity, were hacked from cloud services and posted on the imageboard 4chan and later disseminated to other social networks. This could happen again anytime.

Good news, Kingmax, the world’s first vertically-integrated semiconductor company and GO-Trust, the innovator of the secure microSDs tied up to make Sycret Text.

Sycret Text consists of two components, Sycret Text Card and Sycret Text App for Android user. Sycret Text Card is a memory card with an embedded encryption engine and user flash memory. Sycret Text App is an Android Application downloadable in Google Play Store when Android smartphone user can exchange encrypted SMS Text messages with other Sycret Text users.

Here’s how Kingmax Sycret Text work.

Sycret Text - How it Works

Sycret Text How it works 2

Why Choose Sycret Text

Features of Sycret Text

  • Security
    • All encryption algorithms are certified by NIST, USA
    • Each file is encrypted by different key
    • Every user has unique and exclusive key, upon using Sycret Text
    • The User PIN is a 4-digit to 16-digit numeric passcode for authentication to get access to Sycret Text APP. The Sycret Text card will be locked after 10 wrong attempts.
  • Text Message (SMS) Encryption
    • Text Message (SMS) sender and recipient both use Sycret Text and go through key exchange process
  • File-encryption is available in DropBox & Google Drive
  • All encrypted data are portable to the new phone


  • 32-bit ARM processor.
  • Hardware security module (HSM) embedded inside the microSD.
  • In-Chip Crypto operations: RSA 2048, 3DES, SHA-256, HMAC, AES-128/256, Diffie-Hellman and Random Number Generation. Fully in-chip hardware based authentication and encryption/decryption provides the highest security for data protection.
  • Enabled secure channel communication between COS and middleware.
  • All crypto algorithms are certified by NIST, USA.
  • Private keys are never exposed.
  • Security IC is CC EAL 5+ Certified.

Sycret Text encrypted files

Sycret Text 2

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