Collection of simple guides, tips and tutorials about the search giant Google that you can apply to your daily search activity.
Google Search Tips

7 Helpful Tips in Searching Google That 95% of People Do Not Know About

From simple to mediocre changes, we can definitely have an answer to whatever question we have with the technology... Read more
Google Drive

Pros and Cons of using Google Drive

Because of the continuous improvement in our technology, tons of innovation are now being available to the public to... Read more
Payment Methods in Google Play Store

Modifying Payment Methods in Google Play Store

Applications can be distinguished into two (2) types: free apps and paid apps. Free apps are the ones you... Read more
T-Rex Google Chrome Offline Game

How to Play the T-Rex Google Chrome Offline Game

All of us have experienced our internet connections being unavailable, our wi-fi seems slow, and many more concerns as... Read more
use Social Media as effective as possible

How to use Social Media as effective as possible

Social media is the digital representation of the world we live in. It has a lot of people, a... Read more
How to organize emails

How to Organize Email in your GMail Inbox

Having an organized email will save you a lot of precious time. Checking and reading emails you don't care about,... Read more
Google Street View

How to Visit A Place Without Leaving Your Room using Google Street View

Now, you can virtually visit a place while in front of your computer or mobile devices. Using the feature... Read more
Google Search Tips and Tricks

15 Google Search Tips and Tricks you may not Know

Google, the most use website today where you can find almost anything just by typing in their powerful Search... Read more
Google Search history

How to Download your Entire Google Search History

If you are curious on what you have been searching on Google since you start using it, you can... Read more
How to mute individual tab

How to Mute Individual Tab in Google Chrome Browser

The Google Chrome browser is the most popular browser on all the other platforms it supports, desktop, mobile, tablets... Read more

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