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Fix no thumbnail issue wordpress

WordPress: How to Fix No featured thumbnail issue on facebook share

Yesterday I've noticed that when I share my post to my Facebook Fanpage, my feature image was not showing,... Read more

How to send free text or SMS to Philippines from anywhere in the world...

Updates: As of March 2018, Chikka discontinue their service after almost 2 decades. You can check some best alternatives... Read more

How to register on Chikka

Updates: After 2 decades the company said that free texting on its website and app will be available only until... Read more
Free Antivirus

How to get free antivirus

Thousands of viruses are created everyday and if you want to secure your computer while browsing, you most definitely want... Read more
How to take screenshot on iPad

How to capture screenshot on iPad or iPad Mini

This is a simple but useful tutorial on how to capture your iPad or iPad mini screen without using... Read more

How to log out Candy Crush Saga on iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone or android...

Logging out to Candy Crush Saga  when you are using iPad, iPad mini, iPhone  or other tablet using android... Read more
Candy Crush Saga Tips how to change your facebook account using iPad or iPad Mini 1

Candy Crush Saga: Tips how to change your facebook account using iPad or iPad...

This post will teach you how to change your Facebook account using iPad in Candy Crush Saga games. The first time... Read more
How to clear browser cache

How to Clear Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and iPad Browser Cache?

Web cache or browser cache is a temporary storage of web documents such as, html page, images and other web files,... Read more

Clean Your Disk Drive of Unnecessary Files and Your Computer’s Performance Will Improve

When it comes to maintaining your computer, you've probably heard it all before. "Run Defrag!" "Scan Your Disk for... Read more
How to recover damage partition

A Safer Way to Recover Damaged Partitions

Repairing damaged partitions on is a risky business. Even if you use the best toolkit and are absolutely sure... Read more

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