Facebook is the most popular networking sites nowadays with over one billion registered users worldwide and counting, many users are looking for some tips and guides how to use this website or mobile apps. And this is a Collection of simple tips and tutorials that can help Facebook user make the most out of it.
View Facebook as Specific Person

What’s your Facebook Timeline looks to the Public or Specific Friends

If you want to check the looks of your Facebook timeline when public or your friends check your profile, you... Read more
How to play basketball in Facebook Messenger

How to Play Basketball in Facebook Messenger

Another secret game embedded on Facebook messenger is the popular game basketball, in my previous post I already revealed... Read more
Block messages

How to Block Someone from Sending a Message on Facebook

Nowadays, Facebook messenger become effective tools to dispatch messages, photos, and videos instantly that connects users on the Facebook... Read more

The Newest Facebook Feature, Facebook Dating Launches in the Philippines

I'm pretty certain that you've had a few too many times wondering how dating applications and websites work. Well,... Read more

Gabbie, Women’s New Friend Regarding Sexual Harassment

Here in the Philippines, sexual harassment is still a big issue. Although it's not noticeable in some groups and... Read more
how to disable facebook app notifications

How to Disable Game Request or App Notifications on Facebook

Annoyed by constantly receiving invites and game request from your Facebook friends. If you still don't know how to... Read more
Group Calls in Facebook

How to make group calls in Facebook

The social media that was once all about sharing and spreading news, trends, photos, and videos have gone up... Read more

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