Facebook is the most popular networking sites nowadays with over one billion registered users worldwide and counting, many users are looking for some tips and guides how to use this website or mobile apps. And this is a Collection of simple tips and tutorials that can help Facebook user make the most out of it.
How to play chess on FB Messenger

How to Play Chess game on Facebook Messenger

Facebook has recently added chess game on their messenger. You can play directly on Facebook messenger whether you are using... Read more
Facebook Messenger

Messenger can now be connected to your SMS

Are you part of the population who lives by the mainstream line of Facebook and the internet? Well now,... Read more

Facebook’s WiFi locator is Now Available to Users Worldwide

It was only last year when social networking giant, Facebook, began testing its newest ability -  the "Find WiFi" feature.... Read more
How to embed facebook Video

How to embed Facebook Video

If you have a video or you saw a good video on Facebook that you want to feature on... Read more
Facebook Worms

Facebook Worms

Facebook's always been the first target of spammers because of its popularity and frequency of users that go online... Read more
how to setup Facebook video call on mac

How to setup Facebook video call on Mac browsers

A while ago, my friends wanted to video call with me using Facebook, I'm not usually used Facebook to... Read more
how to make facebook custom URL

How to Personalize Facebook URL

Facebook is now allowing their users to personalize the URL of their Facebook profiles and pages with Facebook usernames.... Read more
Facebook Chat Heads

Facebook Chat Heads: What are they?

In the recent years, messenger for Facebook has been available to us to gain a better and easier grasp... Read more
know if someone open your facebook account

How to Know if Someone Open your Facebook Account

Did you notice some irregularities on your Facebook account? If you still don't know, Facebook has a security settings... Read more

How do I Switch to Messenger’s Dark Mode?

Update after update, Mark Zuckerberg likes to put some sort of spice to his programs. More so, he tried... Read more

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