Collection of simple solution, tips and tutorial for beginner's online. A detailed instructions which include step by step screenshot to make it easy to follow especially for the people that are not tech savvy.
How to add subtitles to your videos

How to add subtitles to your videos

Do you ever crave to just have something to read while you are watching something? Or are you watching... Read more
How to see every updates from your fb friends

How to See Every post from Facebook Friends

I already write a post how you can easily get rid of the annoying post from your Facebook friends... Read more
Online Presence

How to Properly Create Your Own Online Presence

The Internet has become more than just a piece of the technological innovation, it has a holding in almost... Read more
Turn Smarphone into remote mouse

How to Turn Smartphone into Remote Mouse or Touchpad

Smartphones and personal computers are our basic device to get the daily task done. These two devices have their... Read more

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows

One cause of slow startup of a Windows computer is the programs that run every time your computer started. Some programs... Read more
Photoshop Tutorial: Type Tool

Photoshop Tutorials: The Type Tool Part 1

Who says Photoshop is only about images, vector art, and illustrations? Who says that text is in no way... Read more

Jollibee Online Delivery: Step-by-step How to Order Online

Jollibee Food Corporation (JFC) popularly known as Jollibee is a Filipino multi-national chain of fast food and it's the... Read more
Facebook Messenger

Customizing Your Facebook Messenger For Better Utilization

Facebook has been and is still the most recognized social media mediums Filipinos use today. Before, it was used... Read more
How to embed facebook Video

How to embed Facebook Video

If you have a video or you saw a good video on Facebook that you want to feature on... Read more
How to add Album art

How to Add Album Art to your Mp3 Collection

Most of us are fans of music whether it’d be saved on our computers, our tablets, or our mobile... Read more

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