UC Browser

New Trending App: UC Browser is now the No.1 browser app on Google Play...

Thanks to its increasing popularity among local users, UC Browser just became the highest ranked browser app on Google... Read more

Biggest update in two years, UC Browsers for iOS comes with new UI and...

UCWeb, the developer behind the world's most popular third party mobile browser by pageview market share (as of June... Read more

Slow Computer? Learn How to Speed Up Your PC

A slow working computer can be very irritating. This can affect your efficiency and dedication at whatever that you... Read more

Reason Why you Need to Use a CPU Cooler if you are a Passionate...

Every gamer knows that their gaming platform or console needs to be taken care of. When used repeatedly, the... Read more
LINK Messenger

How to LINK with your favorite Online Star

Get to link with your favorite star online with the LINK messenger app, available on both iOS and Android. With... Read more
Use of Adware Removal Tool

What’s the use of the Adware Removal Tools?

Advertising Support Software known as Adware is a software which automatically displays or play advertising materials when connected to... Read more
many Faces of App

The Trending Apps in 2015

The most powerful four letter word in today's world is APPS a pseudonym for Application Software. These APPS play... Read more

Nokia N1: The iPad Mini Clone that runs Android

After selling its device units and services to Microsoft six months ago, Nokia is getting back into device business... Read more

New Technology for Businesses

Businesses are increasingly advancing in their reliance on new technological solutions in order to expand in their marketing, clientele... Read more

The Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android device

With the latest smartphone nowadays manufacturers ensure that the camera attached in their products will compete to the latest model... Read more

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