Nail Snap

What’s New in Wearable Tech?

As technology advances more and more, it seems to become smaller and smaller. So small, that now, people can... Read more

Samsung Gear 2: The Essentials

Why settle for a typical watch when smartwatches are coming? Aside showing time, a smartwatch is like a wearable... Read more
Use of Adware Removal Tool

What’s the use of the Adware Removal Tools?

Advertising Support Software known as Adware is a software which automatically displays or play advertising materials when connected to... Read more
Bluetooth Myths

Bluetooth Myths That Turn Out to be False

Bluetooth has been with us even before our high-tech smartphones came and it was used to pass on information... Read more
Business Instagram

Tips to Earn Using Your Instagram Account

Instagram has become one of the social media platforms who drive money. Today, it has become the go-to place... Read more
iPhone 6 first boot

[Video] Watch iPhone 6 Boots Up for the First Time

While everyone is waiting for Apple's announcement for iPhone 6 this coming September. Still no one has gotten their... Read more

The Top Free Apps That Make All Of Our Lives Better

We can't deny that apps run most of our days especially when we're not doing something. Having this in... Read more

Facebook’s WiFi locator is Now Available to Users Worldwide

It was only last year when social networking giant, Facebook, began testing its newest ability -  the "Find WiFi" feature.... Read more
Uses of google glass

Unconventional Uses for Google Glass

One of the most talked about innovation in the tech world currently is the launching of the Google Glass.... Read more

An Insight into Google Search 4.1 Application

The advancement in technology has leveraged us with the incredible benefits that has introduced a supreme luxury and comfort... Read more

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