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ESfeamor Salibo asked 10 months ago

Paano po mag apply ng late death certificate, at ano po ang mga requirements..

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Janese Ruiz Staff answered 9 months ago

coordinate po kayo sa Local Civil Registry Office o munusipyo kung saan sya namatay. ito po mga requirements:
1. Original Death Certificate prepared by Hospital or Funeral Parlor
2. Latest Copy of Certificate of No Record from PSA (NSO) and LCR of Manila
3. Affidavit of the nearest relative of the deceased or any person having legal charge of the deceased when he/she was still alive stating therein the exact date and place of death, the facts and circumstances surrounding the death and the reason or cause of delay
4. Original Copy of the Certificate of Burial, Cremation or other means of corpse disposal.
5. Certificate from the Funeral Parlor and Cemetery
6. For Muslim Registrants, fill-up Municipal Form No. 103